Please join the Maine Science Festival for THE WARMING SEA – An Exploration of Hope in the Face of the Climate Crisis.

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  • Now on sale at the Collins Center for the Arts box office.  Call (207) 581-1755, click on Get Tickets above, or visit in person at 2 Flagstaff Road on the University of Maine campus.

  • $25 adult / $10 student


THE WARMING SEA presents complex and sometimes overwhelming challenges through the lens of music, providing a deeper understanding of how climate change is impacting the earth than data alone has been able to convey. The Maine Science Festival intends to advance the climate conversation with this symphony, to offer hope, and to inspire action to build a better future.

The evening’s schedule

Opening conversation: Maine’s climate researchers are world renowned and their expertise in a wide variety of areas provides a deep foundation for understanding our climate and the changes that humans have caused. In our opening conversation, we learn about the work of some of Maine’s leading climate researchers, and how their work can inform our future.


Katherine Allen

School of Earth and Climate Sciences Cooperating Appointment,

Climate Change Institute, University of Maine

Seth Campbell

School of Earth and Climate Sciences and

Climate Change Institute, University of Maine

Jacquelyn Gill

Paleoecology & Plant Ecology, School of Biology and Ecology

and the Climate Change Institute, University of Maine

Cassaundra Rose

Maine Climate Council

Moderated by Ronit Prawer

Director of the Science and Innovation Network,

United Kingdom Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

Lucas Richman's Journey:

Discover how Richman turned 200 years of climate data, the threats we face, and the hope of children into his symphonic exploration of the climate crisis with this short film of Lucas’ conversations as he learned about climate change in Maine.

World Premiere of THE WARMING SEA, composed and conducted by Lucas Richman, performed by the Bangor Symphony Orchestra, women's and children's choirs, with animation by digital artist Chuck Carter.


The Reaction

Hear from THE WARMING SEA scientists and climate solutions: what can we do going forward?

A conversation with many of the experts who spoke with Lucas to help him understand climate change in Maine in order to compose THE WARMING SEA, hearing both their reaction to the symphony and what’s next for them (and us) in planning for and adapting to our new climate.